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Q: Have You Heard About The New Medicare App?


A: Welcome to a new day! No need to call Medicare or your doctor’s office or your next door neighbor to see if Medicare covers a certain service. The answer is in the palm of your hand! Literally, if you have a mobile phone.

Medicare’s free What’s Covered app, exclusively for those on Original Medicare, may be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

 Downland What's covered on app store   Downland What's covered on play store 

Check it out. What’s covered in an alcohol misuse screening? Does your sleep study have to be performed in a sleep lab for Medicare to cover it? Will Medicare pay for advance care planning?  Is a prescription from your doctor enough to get Medicare to pay for your power wheelchair?

In case you’re keeping track: (4) face-to-face counseling sessions, assuming you are competent and alert during the sessions; Type 1 tests must be done in a sleep lab; not so for Types II, III and IV sleep tests; yes, during your annual wellness visit; and no, you’ll also need a face-to-face examination.

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