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Individual & Family Plans

Our broad range of Individual & Family Plans are designed for folks under the age of 65, including young families, new grads entering the workforce and even folks on the cusp of retirement. Plus, we can cover your dental and vision needs with DentalVision.

Medicare Plans

Our Medicare Supplement Plans are for Tennesseans who are Medicare-eligible. This supplemental coverage helps pay many costs not covered by Medicare. Also need dental and vision coverage? We've got DentalVision Silver.

Medicare Part D Prescription Plans

Medicare Part D plans help cover the high cost of prescription drugs. We offer two Part D plans for those who are Medicare-eligible.


Since 1921, the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation has been a beacon of integrity and honesty -- an organization trusted by Tennesseans to always have their best interests at heart. Its commitment to improving quality of life for all residents is demonstrated through its consistent service and tireless advocacy for individuals and communities across the state.

These same core values are at the heart of Farm Bureau Health Plans and are reflected by every employee of our organization. Our sole mission is to provide Tennesseans with access to high quality, affordable health care coverage. And to serve our members with the type of personalized customer service folks have come to expect from the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

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What do our members say about us?

My wife and I feel very secure knowing that our healthcare needs are covered. I was especially glad to have such great coverage when I had expensive open heart surgery. FBHP has been so good to us.

Philip Drone
Member since 1998

Throughout my years in the NFL, the principles of honesty, integrity, and dignity are what I value most. These same principles are woven into Farm Bureau Health Plans, and that’s why I’m a proud member.

Coach Dave McGinnis
Member Since 2017

I'm continually amazed at how our Farm Bureau family takes care of one another. So many have gone out of their way to help me traverse widowhood. Thanks for being a good friend.

Martha Farley
Member since 1995

Strong Tennessee Roots

We've got more than 70 years of experience - and the expertise that goes with it - in meeting the health coverage needs of Tennesseans.

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