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Hello Monday - Cycling


There is nothing better than taking your bicycle on the open road or trail. My wife and I are novice cyclers but we enjoy packing up our bikes into her car and taking them to the park, a neighborhood, or even somewhere out in the middle of nowhere to see what open roads we can find. We both use hybrid road bikes. They are great for exercise and provide a little bit bigger tire than a street bike, which makes it a little more versatile and comfortable on a mixture of terrain. 
For us, cycling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Whether you are riding down country paths or city roads, cycling has a lot to offer you. We decided to go out to Chapel Hill, TN and take in the scenery while riding around that area.
Our journey started in late morning when it wasn’t too hot yet. We had never ridden in this area before so we kind of winged it. Keep in mind, we had no idea what hills might lie ahead.
We decided to leave the park entrance and the ride was quite delightful. I can say that we both felt like it wasn’t too easy and we were both getting some great exercise. But then… my wife said “Let’s take a right here and see where it takes us.” At first it seemed like a great idea until we came up to our first hill, which almost killed us. We both felt so out of shape but we persevered.
I would love to say that was the “pinnacle” of our journey but no… we had to go up and down hill after hill after hill! When we finally made it almost to the park entrance we were elated to know that our worn-out legs could finally rest, but then we reached the tallest hill yet. Even though it was the shortest in length it was the most brutal to climb. We almost had to walk our bikes up it! We made it to the top after much struggle and rejoiced that we could finally rest. Even though it was a tough ride for us it was so much fun!
Cycling is a great way to see this state without being in too much of a hurry. It’s a great way to get some exercise, but also something fun that you can enjoy with your family. So get out there and enjoy the trails and take the path less traveled. Find your adventure in each twist and turn in the road.

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