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Hello Monday: Farmers Market Fun

In an age of online shopping and groceries stores on every corner, it would seem that farmers markets are no longer as common or popular as they were in the past.

However, it’s actually the complete opposite! Farmers markets are more popular than ever and there’s one in just about every town. I personally love farmers markets because not only do they sell fresh, local produce, but many also have fresh honey, baked goods, and products from local small businesses.

Supporting my local community is very important to me and farmers markets are a fun and convenient way to do that! If you’re new to your city or county, farmers markets are a wonderful way to connect with your neighbors and learn about the small businesses near you.

I recently visited a couple different farmers markets around middle Tennessee. At the Spring Hill farmers market, I browsed baked goods and handmade crafts.

img_5268.jpg    img_5259.jpg


To the east in Lewisburg, there were locals selling farm fresh meat and eggs, raw honey, canned foods, and homemade jams.

img_5310.jpg    img_5317.jpg

In Columbia, there were an assortment of fresh vegetables and flowers.

columbia-farmers-market-4.jpg    columbia-farmers-market-5.jpg

And out in Portland, I saw homemade kettle corn, lots of fresh produce, and clothing from a local boutique. All of them were unique in their own way, offered many different products, and were filled with many friendly locals!

img_8812.jpg    img_2009.jpg

So celebrate National Farmers Market Week by shopping at your local market!

Not sure where your local farmers market is? Search for it at or Many farmers markets operate during the evenings or on weekends, so it’s easy to fit a visit into your schedule.

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