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Hello Monday - Hikes In Our Great State

Tennessee is a beautiful state that offers everything from rolling hills, flat fields, and mountains. In the hills and “hollers” you can find waterfalls, trails, and all kinds of beautiful scenery. Whether you live in east, west, or middle Tennessee, I want to equip you with the knowledge of three trails you can experience in our great state.

West Tennessee:
Pinson Mounds State Park-
Over the past three years I have had the pleasure of attending school 10 minutes from this state park! This park offers something that is sometimes hard to find in West Tennessee, hills. These hills are not really hills, but ceremonial Native American mounds. Along the trail you can visit and even climb these mounds to get some great views! You and your family and friends can venture onto the trail in the woods and explore the woods of Pinson mounds. If you ever get the chance to visit the 1,200 acre park there will be plenty for you to explore!
Middle Tennessee:
Virgin Falls Trails-
Situated halfway between Nashville and Knoxville, the Virgin Falls Natural Area is a great visit! You will find rolling hills, forests, creeks, and waterfalls. The trail is a 9 mile hike that has been rated as difficult, so pack your hiking boots! The area is named after a underground stream that emerges from a cave and drops over a 100 foot cliff. This water fall is the staple of the area and trail. According to various hikers there are points of interest all along the trail for you to stop and enjoy.
East Tennessee:
Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte-
Quoted as the “quintessential hike of the Smokies” is the Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte.  Although a challenging hike you will be rewarded with panoramic views at the top. LeConte Lodge is a great stop for visitors to see the highest elevation inn in the eastern United States! We encourage to experience this 10 mile hike that is right out our backdoor!
I hope that you get to experience some of the great hikes that our state has to offer. You are not limited by this list as there are hundreds of trails to explore across our wide state! We hope you and your family can get out and explore this summer.

-Riley Qualls
FBHP Marketing Intern

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