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Hello Monday - Let’s Hit The Road!

It’s now summer time and the kids are finished with school and it’s time to think about taking a summer trip! 

I understand the current situation and how it may affect how you may normally travel. I am not a travel expert but have been fortunate enough to backpack Europe for three months and do it with some of my best friends. I learned some travel lessons the hard way and would like to share some advice so you don’t have to learn the way I did! This blog today provides some simple travel tips for your next adventure.
Don’t Overpack
Some of you may stop reading after I say “don’t overpack”. My mother always says, “Better to have and not need, than need and not have.” This quote is most always true, but on your next adventure do not pack fifteen t-shirts for a five day trip. Prepare a list of essentials and go with it. If you are staying at the beach, find out if your condo, house, or Air BnB has a washer and dryer. If it does – then you can definitely bring less clothing. If you are in the mountains, you can rinse out and air dry your clothes. I have learned to pack light and it is truly the best way to travel. My motto “less bags equal less stress.”
P.S. - Do pack plenty of socks and underwear!
For more of my favorite packing tips click here:
Plan Ahead
Some folks like to plan their adventures and some like just wing it and figure it out later. I am a “plan my travels before I go” kind of guy. Spontaneity can be fun, but it’s always good to know where you’re going to sleep at night. Plan the best route, learn about activities that will enhance your trip, and research the history/culture of your destination. I have found doing this can make your trip a lot more meaningful and leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of your adventure. Remember thought -- things can go wrong sometimes. Locations can be closed, unexpected events and expenses can occur, and you may change your mind once you arrive at your vacation spot. I would encourage you to always be flexible. A change in plans can bring about some of your favorite memories!
Be Prepared
In these unprecedented times we must be more careful about health-related issues than we have in the past. Check out your destination and see what the current COVID-19 situation is like there. What are the restrictions, if any? Do you need to wear masks everywhere, just in restaurants, or at specific activities? Make sure to answer these questions before you leave. If you are going to the beach - be smart and carry sunscreen and aloe. If you know you will be hiking, bring appropriate bug spray, comfortable hiking shoes and clothing. These are some simple tips, common-sense tips, but important to keeping you healthy and safe on your next trip.
Have Fun
Sometimes when planning a trip, you can get so focused on your “check list” that you can forget about having fun. People take trips to experience new places and things – be sure to have fun while doing it. And don’t let a location being closed, a rainy day or other mishaps ruin the entire trip for you. Get out there, go with the flow and enjoy your trip!
We are so lucky to live in a time where travel is made easy and is relatively inexpensive. Although current circumstances may be different, you and your family can still experience new places (and old favorites) safely. So be smart, have fun, and put the camera down every once in a while because "It's better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.”
-Riley Qualls
FBHP Marketing Intern

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