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Hello Monday - Summer Activities

“A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about”- John Mayer.

It’s summertime and the sun is out and ready for you to bask in its rays. While this summer is quite different from those in the past, we don’t want to give up on trying to make it a memorable one. There are still many fun summer activities for you and your family to enjoy; all you need is a little space, sunshine, and the heart to have fun!
Have Fun and Get Moving
The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination for this one. You can find the nearest public park or state park and take a quick hike on the trail. State parks on rivers or lakes also usually offer canoeing or tubing as another way to enjoy the outdoors. And while adult fisherman in the state of Tennessee need a license to fish, kids under the age of 13 can drop their line without a license. Visit to check out all the activities the Tennessee state park system has to offer.  
Backyard Fun
Your backyard can be the launch pad for your family’s next great adventure. Over the past couple of months, my family has taken advantage of our backyard in different ways. We have built new lawn games, had chipping contests, and eaten countless meals outside. Here are some fun and easy outdoor games to try: spike ball, bottle bash, Frisbee, Whiffle Ball, driveway miniature golf, backyard obstacle course and, of course, HORSE on the basketball court.
And the fun doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down – grill dinner outside and have an at-home picnic. If you have a fire pit, build a small fire, make S’mores and enjoy each other’s company!
Inside Games
In recent months we’ve all spent considerable time at home, but not every summer day will be a sunny one. Summer rain is inevitable, but that does not mean your fun has to stop. Classic at-home activities include board games, movie night, or learning a new skill. Here are a few ideas to help you pass the time at home.
Treasure Hunt: Find 5 items and hide them around the house. Give everyone five clues and see if they can find them!
Lego Building Contest: Set a one-hour time limit and task everyone to build a Lego creation with the Legos on hand. Rate each other’s creations and see who reigns as the supreme builder!
Theme Night: Plan a special dinner based on a theme. Encourage everyone dress up in fun costumes, play related music, and serve food that complements the theme. Theme night ideas include: Disney, Pirate, Farmer, Tourist and Summer Camp.
We hope the rest of your summer is filled with fun and new memories. And remember that any summer day can be a new adventure!
-Riley Qualls
FBHP Marketing Intern

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