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The Ultimate Pool Day

Posted by Hannah

Summer is great, but sometimes the excessive heat makes it hard to get exercise. Swimming is a great way to combine summer fun and exercise! It also offers great health benefits. Swimming increases your heart rate without stressing your body, tones muscles, and builds strength and endurance. It is an easy way to exercise while you’re having fun. Whether you are going to the pool for exercise or for fun, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to bring.

Here is my guide to the ultimate pool day!

I like to keep my pool bag in my laundry room with everything I need, that way I am less likely to forget something.

  1. The first and arguably most important thing that you need to bring is sunscreen. You don’t want to mess with that summer sun!
  2. I always wear a pair of older flip flops to the pool so that I don’t ruin a pair of my good shoes!
  3. If you are going to the pool to play, you might want to bring along some goggles, a pool noodle, inner tube, or beach ball.
  4. After you finish exercising or playing in the pool, you want to have something to dry off with, so don’t forget your towel!
  5. Another thing that can be easy to forget is a pair of sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes and face!
  6. I like to sit out and enjoy the sun after I finish swimming. I always bring a snack and a water bottle so that I can stay hydrated. It also makes for the perfect time to catch up on my reading.

Whether you are wanting to escape the summer heat or get your heart rate up, this guide to the ultimate pool day will ensure that you have everything that you need!

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