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Q: What Is Part A?


A: Part A is often referred to as hospital insurance. You’ll want to understand that Part A covers some, but not all hospital stays. And that it covers things other than hospital stays.

In order for Part A to cover the cost of your hospitalization, you must be formally admitted to the hospital. Your doctor must write an order for you to be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient.

Part A will not pay for your stay in the hospital if you are being treated in the emergency room, having outpatient surgery or in the hospital under observation status. Part B covers those types of hospital stays.

Part A covers skilled nursing care. If your doctor believes you still need medical attention on a daily basis following an inpatient stay of at least three days, he or she may prescribe skilled care. You might receive your skilled care in a different wing of the hospital, in a rehabilitation center or in a section of a nursing home reserved for patients in need of skilled care. Once you no longer require medical attention on a daily basis, Medicare not pay for additional skilled care. In the event you still need the services of a medical professional on an intermittent basis, you may receive home health services at home under Part A.

Hospice care is also covered by Part A. This coverage is available to people who are terminally ill with a life expectancy of six months or less. Once you are on hospice care, no further attempts are made to cure your illness. It’s all about making you comfortable.

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